When players are forced to do an administrators job…

July 7, 2009

The news today (apart from the Lote Tuqiri usual) is about how the IRB will be taking action against the Springboks protest (in the form of Armbands/headbands saying “Justice 4 all”) at Bakkies Botha’s 2 week ban.  Ill post a link to what got Botha banned, its a textbook cleanout in my book, but here it is for you to decide:

It is a sad day in my book when an international team needs to take matters like this into their own hands instead of just concentrating on the game.  You could tell it was distracting them, and it showed towards the end of the test where the niggles and fighting (which Jake White worked so hard to eradicate) began to rear their head.  The ban itself was ridiculous in my book, gone are the days when Botha was a dirty player.  He plays hard, but to ban someone for an absolute bone crunching (and incidentally shoulder-dislocating) hit is ridiculous.

Part of the blame has to rest on SARU.  It is their job to fight things like this off the field (their appeal to the ban was denied).  The Bok team is beginning to look more and more like a case of the senior players in the squad having to make a lot of the decisions and shoulder more and more pressure, pressure which the Coach and Administration should be handling.

Ill post a preview of the Tri-Nations as soon as the South African squad gets announced (Nz and Aus have been announced).


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