Final evening of gluttony…

July 5, 2009

Spent the past 2 days gorging myself stupid, and tonight Im topping it off with home made pizza before I embark on my final 8 weeks of cutting (Ive been on a 2 week “refeed”/mental break, put on about 1.5kg’s which is what I wanted).  Im aiming for at least a “4 pack” (hahaa) before my Offseason training starts for rugby in earnest around mid-September.

Im following a low volume, high intensity, Max-OT esque workout regime for these next 8 weeks.  (Yes, Im using a 4 day split to lose weight, flame away).  Diet is simple and based on the T-Dawq 2.0 diet which can still be found floating around somewhere on the internet.  100g carbs on workout days, 70g’s on non-workout days.  All carbs come in at breakfast and post-workout shake.  Will be sitting at approximately 2350-2300 cals for the next 4 weeks, then drop it accordingley week by week after that.  1 cheat meal a week.

Will post a bi-weekly update with how Im going, and if anyone is interested I can throw up a basic outline of the early stages of my Offseason plans in a few days.   Also do a quick review on the Tri-Nations squads (when SA release theirs) in the week.


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